Others[Food Zone,Relaxation,Shop-Recreation]Find the best kind of happiness at SpaWorld,A complete facility for aquatic enjoyment!!

Food Zone[3,4,6,8F]

Increase your level of enjoyment by having a veritable feast! Our resort offers a wide variety of restaurants representing the rich culinary trends of Japan.

Food Zone


With fine massage and beauty-related services from Paris, China, India, Japan, Hawaii and the like, you will find that we offer the finest of such services from around the globe. With foot-care and hair-beauty services also available, it is here at Spa World where you can experience the pure relaxation of both your mind and body.



  • Sports Gym[6F]

    You can use the treadmill, butterfly machine, and other training machines at this sports gym. Enjoy it however you like, from light stretching to full-on weight training.

    *Must be junior high school aged or older to use.
    *Rental shoes: 250 yen (meant to be worn with socks)

  • Gift Shop[2F]

    Here you can find many Osaka-only gifts and Spa World original goods.

  • Game Area[2F]

    Enjoy a large array of the newest arcade games. Children and adults can play together here.

  • Kids Room[3F]

    A huge hit with the kids! Customers with children are encouraged to use this area.

  • Reating Room[4・6F]

    Take your time and relax while watching TV.