Before entering the bathing area, please note the following rules.

  • People with tattoos (both permanent and temporary) are strictly prohibited from using the facilities.
  • People with skin diseases and colostomy bags are strictly prohibited from using the facilities.
  • Please do not use the facilities during a menstrual period or while having diarrhea.
  • Guests may wear a swimsuit into the onsen or wrap themselves in a towel. However, guests can wear swimsuits in the Bade Zone on the 8th floor.
  • Please avoid using the onsen immediately before or after eating or drinking, as this puts extra burden on the heart and digestive organs.
  • Please thoroughly splash yourself with water before entering the onsen.
  • Do not swim or dive in the onsen.
  • Guests with long hair should tie it in order to avoid getting hair in the water.
  • Please wash your hair in the designated washing area.
  • Cameras are not allowed in the locker rooms or bathing areas.
  • Do not try to "reserve" parts of the washing area by placing personal items there. Likewise, do not loiter in the locker rooms.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the bathing area.
  • If you would like to use the cooling bath after a sauna, please be sure to shower beforehand.
  • Male children over 120 cm in height may use the men's bathing areas only and are banned from the women's bathing areas.
  • Guests can not wear a swimsuit into the onsen or can not wrap themselves in a towel.

Rules of Use

The rules stated below are provided to maintain safety and commonality. They allow guests to use the facilities comfortably. Guests who do not follow these rules will be promptly asked to leave.

  1. People related to a crime syndicate or people with tattoos
    (both permanent and temporary) are strictly prohibited from using the facilities.
  2. The following items are not allowed:
    • Animals, including any kind of pet.
    • Anything with a strong or bad smell.
    • Gunpowder, guns, knives, etc.
    • An excessive amount of items.
    • Anything else that might bother other guests.
  3. The following acts are prohibited.
    • Smoking in areas designated smoke-free.
    • Bringing outside food and drinks.
    • Bathing while extremely inebriated.
    • Behavior which offends the public sense of decency, such as indecent behavior with members of the opposite or same sex and gambling.
  4. Unaccompanied minors may use the facilities until 10:00 PM.
    (Minors under 12 may not enter unless they are accompanied by an adult at all times.)
  5. Disabled guests may use facilities provided they are accompanied by a nurse or caregiver of the same sex, who must also pay admission.
  6. Do not use a cell phone in a way that bothers other guests.
  7. Guests may be asked to show their wristbands or other proof that they have paid admission. When this happens, please do so promptly.
  8. Guests may be asked to leave the facilities if they have a disease which is unpleasant to others or communicable, or behave in an objectionable way.
  9. Guests who break, damage, lose or soil any SpaWorld facilities or property will be held accountable and must pay compensation.
  10. SpaWorld accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries, thefts, or other damage that arises while using SpaWorld facilities.